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Virginia Allen, whose voice provides the guiding narrative of Apart Together, has been a tireless ambassador for the memory of her colleagues and for the history of Seaview Hospital itself. Her willingness to share her time and recollections so generously has been a tremendous contribution to this effort.

Curator: Gabriella Leone, Archives Manager at the Staten Island Museum, and 2020 – 2021 John Marchi Visiting Scholar at the College of Staten Island.

Interviewer: David Tarnow, Audio Visual Producer

Lenders: Seaview Hospital, New York Public Library, NYC Municipal Archives, Yale University Library, Library of Congress, Alpha Pearl Williams, Yana Dimitrova

Staten Island Museum Exhibit Team: Janice Monger, President and CEO; Colleen Evans, Director of Natural Science; Rylee Eterginoso Director of Curatorial Affairs and Programs; Rachel Somma, Communications Manager; Donna Pagano, Exhibitions Manager


The research and development of Apart Together was funded by the CSI Foundation’s John Marchi Scholarship.

This exhibition is made possible with generous support from The Staten Island Foundation.

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