Access to Parking Lot 3 (P3), which is directly behind the Staten Island Museum, may be limited or off line from April 8 – May 2, 2024 due to ongoing work.  The Museum will be open to the public for regularly scheduled hours and school group visits.  We recommend parking in lots P4 (near the pond) or P1 (near the Children’s Museum). Click here for location and directions.

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Virtual School Programs

Explore the Staten Island Museum through virtual school programs led by museum educators. We are excited to offer live, inquiry-based and interactive online learning opportunities and teacher resources to support your curriculum. Our school programs focus on the Museum’s art, natural science and history collections and support NYS Next Generation Learning Standards, NYC Science Scope and Sequence, and Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

Staten Island SEEN gallery

Amesse Photography

Virtual School Programs 2022-2023


Land of Lenape K-6th grade

Our unique collection of local native artifacts and authentic materials will introduce the Lenape culture and local Algonquin lifestyle and explore the roles that each family member played in the community.


Animal Homes: Who Lives There? K-4th grade

Learn about the specific adaptations plants and animals make to survive and thrive. Explore the habitats of birds, insects and other native species.

Extinction: Then and Now 3rd – 8th grade

From dinosaurs, trilobites, and mastodons, to passenger pigeons, osprey, and horseshoe crabs, learn what causes extinction and what humans can do to help endangered animals.


African Masks and Masquerades 3rd-6th grade

Compare and contrast African masks and other objects from the Museum’s collection. Learn about their use in traditional culture, as well as the significance of the materials used in creating these artifacts.

Staten Island SEEN: Landscape Art 2nd-8th grade

Discover the compositional elements of landscape painting by analyzing art from the Museum’s permanent collection.
Additional online school programs and resources will be added; please check back.

Programs are offered Monday through Friday and run 45 minutes.

For information about online learning, please contact Education@StatenIslandMuseum.org 718-483-7135.