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This year marks the 70th annual Staten Island Museum Fence Show and we are going virtual! As a way to support local artists and highlight those who have participated in years past, we are taking the Fence Show online and providing links to purchase directly from the artists who receive 100% of the proceeds.

Please click through the gallery below for information on how to purchase.

People walking in front of Greek Revival Row of buildings at Snug Harbor
Fence Show, 2018. Photograph by Imara Moore.

Featured artists:
Mike Adamo, Herb Alwais, Cheryl Antonucci, Allan Avidano, Joseph Bareket, Rudy Baker, Marie Bernardi, Alama Braisted, Michelle Campos, Mafalda Cento, Darren Corona, John Cunningham, Will Delaney, Marcella DeSio, Tina Kaasmann-Dunn, Anna Dyba, Kevyn Fairchild, Elle Finn, Cristina Gentile, Beatriz Giraldo, Dennis Green, Keith Jacobsen, Meghan Joseph, Erica Keselman, Paul Landgraf, Emily Long, Diane Matyas, Arin Maya, Teresa Mayo, Margaret Molinari, Brianna Montalbano, Anna Nadler, Emmanuel Noruwa, Jemma Parsons, Megan Padovano, Robert Padovano, Joan Pinsker, Irina Poludnenko, Sage Reynolds, Patricia Rondinelli, Linda Rossi, Colman Rutkin, Margaret Sallemi, Keri Sheheen, Tom Wright, Richard Xuereb, Dennis Joseph Yanoski, and Sarah Yuster.

Featured Past Food Vendors:

Pastry Lover’s Choice, Mi Armadillo Grande, NYC’s Mac Truck, Shorty’s Roti Shop, and Tex Dawson’s Chili Dogs

For more information about the Virtual Fence Show or further assistance, please contact Donna Pagano.