After School & Scouts

After School & Scouts

After School Program

Our educators are able to tailor many our programs for a multi-session After School series. We presently offer 3 fantastic 10 lesson series:

Art Atelier - each week students experience up-close works of fine art and antiquities from the Museum’s permanent collection with a discussion with the Museum’s Art Curator. These lessons are followed by an immersive hands-on art studio lesson inspired by the art they just viewed.

Forensic Science Investigation – introduce students to various elements of forensic science by experimentation and inquiry based discussions. Each workshop’s learning skills will build off each other and the series will cumulate with students using their newfound skills to solve a “crime”. 

Community Leadership Videography – provide students a forum to explore and create a video about what community leadership means to them. In the earlier sessions, students learn the steps and roles in video production. Later workshops teach prop design, camera and editing technique. At the end of the series, participants have a 3 minute video to show about Community Leadership. We are currently working on developing a brochure specifically for After School outreach lessons. Do you have a topic you’re interested in? Let us know by emailing Loretta Lonecke. We appreciate your feedback.


Girl Scouts & Boys Scouts

With Art, Natural Science and History collections and content to draw from, our Educators can help your troop fulfill your badge requirements. Please check back soon for our downloadable brochures.