Collections: Rates & Reproductions

Collections: Rates & Reproductions

Rates for Archives

The History Archives and Library are open by appointment only. Please click below to contact the archives. (coming soon)


General Public:

$20 - Half-day (10:00am-12:30pm)
$20 - Half-day (1:30pm-4:00pm)
$30 - Full-day (10:00am-4:00pm, includes 1 hr lunch break)

Collectors Club Members:

Five free sessions


$10 - Half-day
$15 - Full-day


$20 - Half-day
$40 - Full-day

Research conducted by Archivist/Researcher

(Per written request)


Collectors Club:

$20 per hour (+ $7.50 postage/handling)

General Public:

$30 per hour (+ $7.50 postage/handling)


$40 per hour (+ $7.50 postage/handling)

Copying Charges

Photocopy Machine:

$0.50 per legal & letter sized copy
$1.00 per 11"x17" copy

Microfilm Copies:

$1.00 per copy

Photo Reproduction

Fee Schedule to Obtain High Quality Reproductions for Editorial & Commercial Use

As of April 11, 2011
Reproduction fees are scaled based on usage. All fees are per image and include a 300 dpi TIFF, click here to view full Photo Reproduction Fees.

Books, Exhibition Catalogs, CD-Roms, DVDs, & CDs

Rights: one-time in print edition