Collections: Natural Science Collection


The Archaeology Collection contains over 10,000 specimens, almost all of them collected on Staten Island. The vast majority are stone artifacts, such as projectile points, grooved axes, netsinkers, hammerstones, celts, and abrading stones. There are also clay potsherds, artifacts of shell, bone and antler, and a very few made of metal. The time range of the collection spans from the Paleo-Indian Period (ca. 12,000 years ago) through the Archaic and Woodland Periods, and up to the time of European contact (ca. 1650). Important sub-collections include those made by Staten Island naturalists Arthur Hollick (Tottenville/Ward’s Point), William T. Davis (Watchogue/Bloomfield), Alanson Skinner (Staten Island and western New York State) and Elliott Burgher (Staten Island).