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Charles and Edward Kreischer Mansions Arthur Kill Road

K 645

A sepia-toned photo showing the mansions of Charles C. Kreisher (1855 - 1927) and Edward B. Kreischer (1853 - 1894) on Arthur Kill Road in Kreischerville (now called Charleston), Staten Island.  Charles and Edward were two of the sons (out of three) of Balthasar and Caroline Kreischer.  The home on the right has a turret on its left. It has a wraparound porch. There are many windows and the roof has a balconey (the third story). The house on the left has a very similar turret, but instead of a balconey, it has two window nooks. It also appears to have a wraparound porch, but many short trees block this. The homes are atop a hill. A long fence is on this hill. A road runs through the bottom of the photo. Many full trees are in the distance. A narrow path leads from the road up to the homes.

Artist: G.W. Wundram

Medium: Sepia-toned photographic print

Dates: 1886

Signature/Inscription: Charles C. Kreischer. Edward B. Kreischer. Kreischerville; Back of photograph

Accession Number: K 645

Credit: From the Collection of Staten Island Museum

Tags: 19th century, charles kreischer, charleston, edward kreischer, house, kreischer, kreischerville, mansion, photograph, sepia-toned photograph