Collections: Books

Collections: Books

The Archives Library of Books

The Archives of the Staten Island Museum contains thousands of books covering five centuries. More than 16,000 books focusing on history, art, and nature are housed within the library.

The extensive book holdings of William T. Davis constitute a fascinating portion of the archives. A large collection of books, pamphlets and periodicals concentrating on various facets of Staten Island history enables researchers to analyze an array of information dating back to the inhabitation of Native Americans. The largest collection of books covers natural history, both local and worldwide. They provide data and information in the fields of geology, botany, archeology, mammalogy, entomology, and more. History related books on archeology, genealogy, art, architecture, historic sites, the military and more, allow researchers to find comprehensive resources to make sound analysis and documentation of local, domestic, and international historical events, trends, and occurrences.

Many of the books found in the Museum's History Archives cannot be found anywhere else. For this reason scholars have found the Archives to be an excellent resource for locating long forgotten published material.

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