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A polychromatic lithograph by the artist Juan Gris (1887 - 1927) depicting a cubist still life image of a violin.  This lithograph is taken from a book, Au Soliel du Plafond by Pierre Reverdy, Teriade Ed., Paris, 1955. 205 copies.  In  January of 1916, LĂ©once Rosenberg, Gris' merchant during that time period, brought the Cubist artist Gris together with the French Cubist poet Pierre Reverdy to create the art book.  Gris created eleven lithographs on stone that were manually pulled at the Moulot press in Paris.  They accompanied twenty of Reverdy's poems.  Circumstances didn't allow the book to be published until 1955.

Juan Gris, whose real name was Jose Victoriano Gonzalez, was born in Madrid, Spain.  Gris attended engineering school in Spain, but was always doodling and drawing.  He apprenticed as a comic illustrator is Spain, then he moved to Paris in 1906 to work as a graphic illustrator.  Gris' studio neighbored Pablo Picasso's.  He began painting in 1910, and had his first show in 1912.  That was the same year he became a member of the Cubist group.  Gris went on to become one of the four major French Cubist artist's during the 20th Century.  He only worked with still life, and he was interested only in shape.

Artist: Juan Gris (1887 - 1927)

Title: Violon

Medium: Lithograph on paper

Dates: 1955

Dimensions: 17" H x 13" W

Culture: French

Accession Number: A1958.8.10a

Credit: Gift of Dr. Emanuel Klein

Tags: 20th century, cubist, french, gris, instrument, juan gris, lithograph, music, musical instrument, print, violin, works on paper