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Portrait of Woman Reading


A portrait etching done in the crayon manner by French engraver Gilles Demarteau (1722 - 1776).  The etching is of an older woman, seen at half length and turned to the right, wearing a pince-nez, and reading a letter.  She is wearing a turban on her head and a feathered shawl around her shoulders.  This etching is done after Jean Baptiste Le Prince's (1734 - 1781) version.  This etching was done on plate #337 in a book of Demarteau's etchings orginally published by Demarteau's nephew in 1788.

Gilles Demarteau was a French engraver and print publisher.  He joined his brother, a goldsmith, in Paris in 1739.  By 1746, he earned the rank of master engraver.  In 1757, he began to specialize in the crayon manner. In 1769, Demarteau was admitted to the Académie Royale, and, in 1770,  he became engraver to the king.   Demarteau's catalogue includes 560 numbered plates.

Artist: Gilles Demarteau (1722 - 1776)

Title: Portrait of Woman Reading

Medium: Etching on paper

Dates: c. 1765 - 1776

Dimensions: Sheet: 13" H x 9.5" W

Signature/Inscription: Production Detail: Le Prince inv. del. - Demarteau lné. sc.; Publication line: A Paris chés Demarteau Graveur et Pensionnaire du Roi, rue de la Pelterie à la Cloche; In plate - Below image

Culture: French

Accession Number: Inv-222

Tags: 18th century, demarteau, etching, french, gilles demarteau, pince-nez, portrait, print, reading, shawl, turban, woman, works on paper