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Portrait of a Lady


In this Mannerist portrait, a young  woman, hair braided, gazes at viewer from her right. This Florentine painter emphasizes clear, elegant contours and soft  modeling of the flesh from light to dark, without allowing the  shadows to blend into the dark background.  Mannerism, from the Italian word "maniera" (style), appeared after about 1520 as a reaction to the naturalism and classical style of the High Renaissance.

Artist: Follower of Pontormo

Title: Portrait of a Lady

Medium: Oil on panel

Dates: 16th Century

Dimensions: 22.75 in. x 18.25 in.

Culture: Italian, European

Accession Number: A1961.17.1

Credit: Gift of Samuel H. Kress Foundation

Tags: 16th century, italian, mannerism, oil, painting, panel, portrait, woman