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Male Antelope Headdress - Chi Wara


The Bambara of Mali, formerly in French Sudan, depend upon an agrarian economy. To secure crop fertility, young men perform a ritual dance on the planting field wearing male and female antelope headdresses called "chi wara" (or "segoni-kun"), the "working animal" of an agricultural spirit. The towering structure is held in place by a basketwork cap.

Title: Male Antelope Headdress - Chi Wara

Medium: Wood

Dates: Early to Mid 20th Century

Dimensions: 44.5" H

Culture: African, Bambara

Accession Number: A1978.15.3

Rights Statement: Image Copyright - Staten Island Museum

Credit: Gift of Arthur Leaman

Tags: 20th century, african, antelope, bambara, chi wara, headdress, mali, sculpture, wood