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A1972. 3.267

A section of a page from a religous book, possibly the "Missal."  The letter E and the box around the scene are done in gold leaf.  The "E" stands for Epiphany.  The Epiphany is a Christian holiday celebrating the revelation that Jesus Christ was the human manifestation of God on Earth.  The appearance of the three Maji, or wise men, in Bethlehem is often celebrated as this revelation, and is traditionally celebrated on January 6th.  This scene is depicted in this artwork.  Mary is holding the baby Jesus, who has a halo or glow around him, while the Maji offer him gifts as people look on.

Title: E

Medium: Gouache and gold leaf on vellum

Dates: c. 16th Century

Dimensions: 7 in. x 7 in.

Culture: European

Accession Number: A1972.3.267

Credit: Gift of the Estate of Julian Clarence Levi

Tags: 16th century, christianity, ephiphany, gold leaf, gouache, jesus christ, madonna, maji, manuscript, mary, missal, religious, wise men, works on paper