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Deten Wir Verkaufen


An engraving depicting a man selling goods at market.  The english translation of the title is "In Case We Should Sell."  The man is holding a rod and is wearing a sword or some other type of large blade that is sheathed in a scabbard.  It looks like there are two radishes, or some other type of root vegetables, lying on the fround near his feet.  There is also a sack that is tied shut and two large pots sitting near the man.  One of a pair of prints by Beham.  The other is "Zum Wein Wolt Wir Laufen", "We Will Run to Buy Wine" (A1959.6.6).

Hans Sebold Beham was born in Nuremburg where he worked until after the Peasant Revolt when he was banished to Frankfurt. He was chiefly an engraver (he left less than 20 etchings, done between 1519-20 shortly after Durer's experiments) and one of the best of the so-called Little Masters who followed Durer. The major interest of this group was, however, in the minor arts. Consisting chiefly of small designs of cotumes, goldsmith's work and ornament. Among these was his brother Barthel (1502-40) who worked in Munich and Italy, and Albrecht Altdorfer of Regensburg, considered the most important one.

Artist: Hans Sebald Beham (1500 - 1550)

Title: Deten Wir Verkaufen

Medium: Engraving on paper

Dates: 1532 - 1550

Dimensions: 2 in. x 2 in.

Signature/Inscription: HSB; In plate - Upper right

Culture: German

Accession Number: A1959.6.5

Credit: Gift of Henry Schnakenberg in Memory of Daniel Schnakenberg

Tags: 16th century, beham, engraving, german, market, print, works on paper