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Anna Gould Shaw


An oil on canvas potrait painting by American artist William Page (1811 - 1855) of Anna Gould Shaw (1836 - 1923) when she was 12 or 13 years old.  Shaw was the sister of Robert Gould Shaw (1837 - 1863), the famed Colonel of the all-black 54th Massachussets Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.  In 1855, she married George William Curtis (1824 - 1892), a well known writer, abolitionist, and public speaker who was the Editor of Harper's Weekly.  The couple resided on Staten Island.

One of the most original of the late romantic painters was William Page, who has been called an "American Titian" because of his interest in Venetian art. He prefered warm and muted tones from a mid point in the scale of light to dark. Anna Gould Shaw's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Shaw, were close friends and patrons of Page when they resided on Staten Island.

Artist: William Page (1811 - 1885)

Title: Anna Gould Shaw

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dates: c. 1848

Dimensions: 16.5 in. x 16.5 in.

Culture: American

Accession Number: A1960.19.1

Credit: Museum Purchase, 1960

Tags: 19th century, american, anna gould shaw, canvas, curtis, george curtis, oil, page, painting, portrait, staten island, william page