Shore-to-Shore Scavenger Hunt

Shore-to-Shore Scavenger Hunt

We’re back with another 4-wheel team scavenger hunt! Clues will lead to sites of recent and bygone historical significance.

Teams will need: a car, a licenced driver, a smart phone (with social media), and creative knowledge of the Island. Please arrive by 12:00pm to check-in; the hunt begins at 12:30pm sharp. Award reception at the Museum at 4pm.

Open to all ages.

*Each participating car must be equipped with enough seatbelts for all players. All laws must be strictly obeyed.



Can you identify some of the "answers" below from this summer's scavenger hunt?



Many note this park as being the site of the oldest continually operating cricket club in the US. In fact, early movie scenes of the SI Cricket Club can be seen in the famous silent film “Raffles the Amateur Cracksman” (1917). However, it was also the site of the first national tennis tournament in America. Take a video of you or your team acting out a good volley or giving it all you got with a killer serve.