• $300K in 'inclusive' grants awarded to 10 S.I. cultural organizations

    Staten Island Advance
    The borough's premier culture umbrella, Staten Island Arts, has chosen 10 borough organizations to receive the largest amount of regrant funding in its 25 years of service.

  • A Film Festival for Kids Playing at the Staten Island Museum

    NY1 News
    It’s lights, camera action when Staten Island hosts the largest film festival for kids and teens. The Staten Island Museum held a viewing of the best short films of 2017 from the New York International Children’s Film Festival.

  • Staten Island Museum offers meditation in motion

    Metro Us, Nikki M. Mascali
    In conjunction with its “Infinite Compassion” Buddhist exhibit, museum patrons can participate in tai chi and meditation classes.

  • Janice Monger is new CEO & President of Staten Island Museum

    Staten Island Advance, Rob Bailey
    "After a national search, the Board is in unanimous agreement that Janice Monger is uniquely qualified to shape a 21st Century vision for the Staten Island Museum," Board Chair David Businelli announced Friday. Monger will take over as President & CEO, effective Sept. 13.

  • Free admission for educators to Staten Island Museum

    Staten Island Advance, Thomas Checchi
    With the school year coming to a close across the borough, educators will have an opportunity to hone their cultural skills for free during the break at the Staten Island Museum.

  • Summers Hottest Exhibits

    NY Daily News, Alan S. Mehl
    This summer-time pop up is still going strong after 67 years.

  • Summers Hottest Exhibits

    NY Daily News, Alan S. Mehl
    This summer-time pop up is still going strong after 67 years.

  • Staten Islander of the Week Helps Showcase Borough Jewel

    NY1 News, Anthony Pascale
    "We have pieces in here that are over 400 million years old." Benz is a docent, or volunteer educator, at the North Shore cultural institution. Each week, he donates his time guiding visitors through the museum's exhibits. It's the kind of job he says he's always dreamed of.

  • STEM Sessions at SI Museum

    The North Shore Local
    Staten Island rocks. 7th grade students turned into geologists as they investigated the ground under their feet and the rocks all around them on Con Edison's STEM Days Out.

  • What's Love Got To Do With It

    Discussing Compassion in Civic Life with the Staten Island Museum On the evening of Thursday, January 19 the Staten Island Museum is taking the comment section offline and hosting a unique panel of community leaders to discuss current affairs and share experiences of compassion in civic life.

  • $9.99 with Dave Evans

    Looking for things to do when the weather is bad? Maybe you're just not into the outdoors? Join Dave Evans as he explores fun things to do indoors in New York City on a budget!

  • NYers Not Leaving Home

    amNewYork [Sheila Anne Feeney]
    The ID NYC program was designed to provide government-issued photo IDs to people who desperately need government identification but have had difficulty getting it - undocumented immigrants, primarily, but also homeless folks, formerly incarcerated people, teenagers and older adults.

  • Antiques

    The New York Times [Eve M. Kahn]
    Mastodons, while tramping around what is now New York, shed teeth and tusks, and dinosaurs, wandering along river-fronts in Massachusetts, left footprints in mud that hardened into sandstone. Remnants of these prehistoric creatures and artifacts from the Americans who discovered them are heading to museum galleries in the region.

  • S.I. Museum at Snug Sets Opening Date

    Staten Island Advance [Rob Bailey]
    After four years of construction, the $26.8 million City-funded renovation of Building A into the new home of the Staten Island Museum at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is complete. Museum staffers are currently in the process of outfitting the space with its inaugural exhibitions which will open to the public with much fanfare from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19.

  • More Than 10,000 Islanders Apply For City ID Card

    Staten Island Advance [Anna Sanders]
    More than 10,000 Staten Islanders have applied for the city's municipal identification card since the program began in January.

  • Ingrid Michaelson Helping SI Museum

    Staten Island Business Trends
    The Staten Island Museum's new state-of-the-art facility at Snug Harbor is slated to open to the public soon, and singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson is determined to name one of the five new gallery spaces after her mother, the museum's late president and CEO, Elizabeth Egbert.

  • Staten Island Museum to Open Its New Home

    Staten Island Advance Q Magazine [Rob Bailey]
    After four years of construction, the $26.8 million City-funded renovation of Building A into the new home of the Staten Island Museum at Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden is complete. Museum staffers are currently in the process of outfitting the space with its inaugural exhibitions which will open to the public with much fanfare from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 19.

  • Grand Opening of Revamped Staten Island Museum

    NY Daily News
    Staten Island's newest museum is ready to be unveiled. After four years of construction, the $26.8 million city-funded renovation of Building A at Snug Harbor for The Staten Island Museum is now complete.

  • A Big Bird Count

    Staten Island Advance
    From historic bald eagle sightings to wild turkey talk, it's becoming increasingly clear that S.I. is for the birds.

  • On the Job

    Business Trends
    Investors Band announced the appointment of Staten Island resident Kashif Pervez as manager of the bank's newest branch on Hylan Boulevard in Grasmere.

  • New Municipal ID Inspires Brisk Trot, If Not a Stampede

    Staten Island Advance [Anna Sanders]
    More than 3,500 Staten Islanders have enrolled for the city's municipal identification card aimed at undocumented immigrants.

  • Obstacles Ahead for Island Cultural Institutions with Wheel on Horizon

    SI Live [Lauren Steussy]
    When the world's largest observation wheel starts turning in 2017, an estimated 4.5 million annual tourists will gravitate to Staten Island for what promises to be the most stunning view available of New York City's skyline.

  • Typewriters and Poetry Featured at Staten Island Museum's "Love Fest"

    Staten Island Advance [Kathryn Carse]
    Typewriters, poetry and Valentine's Day made for the perfect mix at Betty's Typewriter Love Fest in the Staten Island Museum. "Betty" refers to minimalist artist Betty Bressi who died last year at the age of 96. The museum has mounted a retrospective, up until April 8.

  • Betty Bressi Retrospective

    Women in the Arts Newsletter
    Immediately upon entering the museum's second floor where this intimate and charming exhibition is installed, I was struck by how very familiar the work looked. I don't know if my path ever crossed with Ms. Bressi's in the 1970s or 80s, but clearly I knew her work.

  • Hues the Boss? Actually, There Are Two

    Staten Island Advance [Lauren Steussy]
    Two new exhibitions arriving at the Staten Island Museum will inject vivid color into this white winter. The first is a retrospective of painter, teacher, paper-weaver, poet and native Staten Islander Betty Bressi. The exhibit features work from her early days as a teacher in a Japanese internment camp to her most recent paper weavings and book works. The second features work from the beloved Edith Susskind porcelain collection.

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Readers' Choice
    The Staten Island Museum, winner with 747 votes, traces its beginnings to 1881, when a group of 14 young naturalists on Staten Island pooled their collections and research efforts to create a museum, the story goes.

  • In Your Neighborhood - Fox5News

    In Your Neighborhood - St. George

  • Celebrating the Life of an Arts Legend

    Staten Island Advance [Michael J. Fressola]
    When participants speak about Elizabeth Egbert during a memorial celebration at 3 p.m. this afternoon in the Music Hall, they will cite both of her professions: art-making and museum-making. The late artist and administrator (1945-2014) led the Staten Island Museum through a lively 12 years, a bright stretch in the institution's 133-year history.

  • SI Museum's "Fence Show" Turns 64

    Staten Island Museum [Rob Bailey]

  • Elizabeth Egbert Dies at 69

    Staten Island Advance
    Elizabeth Egbert, 69, a noted artist, sculptor and community activist, died Saturday afternoon, surrounded by her family, after a courageous battle with multiple myeloma. Her leadership of the Staten Island Museum for the past 12 years transformed the museum into one of New York City's most engaging cultural entities.

  • St. George

    Crain's 5boros
    St. George on Staten Island is poised to become a worldwide attraction in 2016 when a 625-foot-high Ferris wheel and a 350,000-square-foot outlet mall open on the waterfront near the ferry terminal. More than 6 million visitors a year are expected.

  • Bumper Crop of Pop-Up Art

    Staten Island Advance [Michael J. Fressola]
    Decades before there was any such thing, the Staten Island Museum was presenting a pop gallery - its annual one-day Fence Show at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden. At age 64 this year, the exhibition preserves some time-honored traditions: All the art is original. The artists are present, so prospective buyers/collectors are able to meet them (and perhaps dicker over the price).

  • Going Global

    AWE [Rob Bailey]
    Combined events at the S.I. Museum celebrate the borough's amazingly diverse communities.

  • An Evening With Things That Flutter, Delight

    Staten Island Advance [Kathryn Carse]
    A team of sleuths with flashlights snaked through a trail of the Greenbelt Nature Center in search of moths and other nocturnal creatures Saturday night. There were a few shrieks - the camel crickets, large with long legs were the creepiest - but mostly unrestrained curiosity ruled.

  • Have a Nocturnal Moth Ball in the Greenbelt

    Staten Island Advance
    It's on occasions like this when it's so cool to be on NYC's greenest borough: Staten Island Museum is celebrating National Moth Week by joining forces with City Parks to host nocturnal activities in the Greenbelt starting 8:30 p.m.

  • Summer is the Perfect Time to Explore Some of Staten Island's Best Kept Secrets

    NY Daily News
    The Staten Island Museum is a wonderful way to become acquainted with Staten Island. The museum - just steps from the Staten Island Ferry - is home to various exhibitions, from its extensive collection of insects to paintings and curiosities in jars.

  • Larvicide spraying coming to SI neighborhoods to help curb mosquito population

    SI Advance [Vincent Barone]
    Ed Johnson, Director of Science at the Staten Island Museum, warns that any stagnant water could easily be turned into a mosquito breeding ground. The bug only needs around six days to reach its adult stage. "Any little area of standing water could be used by mosquitoes," said Johnson. "Even if roof gutters are clogged -- mosquitoes love that. Water collecting on top pool cover is another one. Some people are breeding the bugs without even knowing it."

  • Staten Island Museum's new $27M space almost ready

    SI Advance [Michael Fressola]
    The Staten Island Museum’s “Imagine: A Gala Preview Celebration” on Saturday night gave revelers a look at something no one is going to see again for years: The bare bones. Party-goers toured the museum’s new, nearly finished headquarters in Building A on the grounds of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden at 1000 Richmond Terr., Livingston.

  • Museum Quality

    Staten Island Museum [Michael J. Fressola]
    Party-goers toured the museum's new, nearly finished headquarters in Building A on the grounds of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden. It's empty for now but not for long. Following nearly three years of construction ( a 21st-century steel superstructure was built inside the original late 19th-century structure) the three-floor 20,000-square ft. interior is now ready for surfaces, paint, lighting, exhibit cases, text and multimedia, not to mention painting and other works of art, replicas, artifacts and interactive stations.

  • Staten Islanders get a sneak peek of the new Staten Island Museum

    SI Advance [Mira Wassef]
    The beautiful new building sits empty for now, but that didn't stop a decked out crowd from coming out Saturday night to support the Staten Island Museum's "Imagine: A Gala Preview Celebration" to get a peek at the nearly-completed Building A on the grounds of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden.

  • Organizers to Hold Gala for Final Push to open SI Museum

    NY1 News [Amanda Farinacci]
    Transforming one of the city's first landmarked buildings into a world-class museum has been no easy feat, but construction of the future home of the Staten Island Museum is nearly complete, and now, organizers there are asking for help in a final push to get it open. NY1's Amanda Farinacci filed the following report.

  • Staten Island Museum: Nothing to show at May 10 gala but its new $26.8M home at Snug Harbor

    SI Advance [Michael Fressola]
    When the 133-year-old Staten Island Museum finally throws wide the doors of its new home, there will be nothing to see. That’s the whole idea.

  • Snug Harbor spins its wheel of fortune

    Crain's NY [Marine Cole]
    The Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden hopes two new attractions will lift its boats.Like millions of tourists who visit New York City every year, Jens Bergstrom stepped onto the Staten Island Ferry on a sunny afternoon in the Battery recently with only one goal in mind: to get a better look at the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

  • The purple martins have arrived at Staten Island's Lemon Creek Park

    SI Advance [Kathryn Carse]
    “The return of purple martins is something that we look forward to all winter. People should feel free to visit the colony anytime during the spring and early summer to see the martins catch their favorite food (flying insects), and to watch them raise their young, who will return to this colony next spring,” said Ed Johnson, director of science at the Museum.

  • Painting in Italy During the Risorgimento Presented at Garibaldi-Meucci Museum

    Broadway Art World
    On Sunday, April 27 at 2 p.m. Staten Island Museum Art Curator Robert Bunkin will present "I Macchiaioli: Painting in Italy During the Risorgimento." I Macchiaioli was a group of painters working in Tuscany in the second half of the nineteenth century, including such painters as Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, Giuseppe Abbati, Vito D'Ancona, Serafino De Tivoli, and Telemaco Signorini, among others.

  • If They Build It, Will They Come - to Staten Island?

    WNYC radio [Daniel P. Tucker]
    More than two years before an enormous observation wheel, an outlet mall and new housing and hotels are scheduled to open on Staten Island, the borough's long-languishing cultural attractions are already drawing up plans to appeal to a new wave of tourists.

  • Biking, beer garden and more things to do in Staten Island in Spring 2014

    AMNewYork [Caroline Linton]
    On the second Saturday of each month, art galleries along Staten Island's North Shore open up their doors for free programming as part of Second Saturday. There's live art and music, along with workshops and activities for artists. Stops along the way range from the Staten Island Museum to artist Andrea Phillips' house, where she serves soup and apple cider.

  • Residents Push to Extend Reinforced St. George Promenade

    DNAinfo New York [Nicholas Rizzi]
    ST. GEORGE — A group of Bay Street Landing condo residents is pushing to turn the Hurricane Sandy damaged promenade into a public path with storm protections.

  • Staten Islander of the Week: Museum Volunteer Really Knows How to Bug Out

    NY1 News [Priya Desai]
    Long time Museum volunteer Paul Lederer is on a mission to expand the insect collection!

  • Staten Island Museum has ties to famed wildlife painter, Charles R. Knight

    Staten Island Advance [Michael J. Fressola]
    Knight’s paintings were enjoyed and studied by millions: His murals of prehistoric life — dinosaurs and mammoths, Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons — still thrill visitors to the Field Museum in Chicago and the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

  • Staten Island Museum establishing a legacy for Edith Susskind's porcelain collection

    Staten Island Advance [Michael Fressola]
    Edith Susskind and her husband were serious collectors of porcelain, mostly 18th and 19th Century English Worcester ware, with some Chinese celadon and Sevres. Much of it is headed for the Staten Island Museum.

  • Staten Island Museum Plans Move Into Historic Digs

    NY1 News [Bree Driscoll]
    "It has been a feat that you can turn what used to be a dormitory for sailors into a world class museum," said Staten Island Museum COO Cheryl Adolph.

  • SUPER Sports Trivia

    Staten Island Advance [Awe Magazine]
    The game will consist of picture questions from the museum’s archives, local sports questions — from high school mascots to field names — as well as pro sports, sports rules and regulations, athlete endorsements and entertainment careers, and sports in tv/film/media. If it’s related to sports, it’s fair game.

  • Staten Island on a Roll

    Wall Street Journal
    "We have a buzz and it feels good," said Cheryl Adolph, the chief operations officer at the Staten Island Museum, who moved to the borough in 1993. "This is the biggest thing to happen to us" since the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, she said, referring to the Ferris wheel approval and other projects. "The whole culture has transformed since those old days."

  • CICADAPOCALYPSE: Staten Island is ‘ground zero’ in 17-year cicada invasion

    Mike Sheehan - Pix 11
    It’s one of nature’s great mysterious miracles: every 17 years the cicadas emerge from the earth. They lose their shells and then they mate. The males congregate in thousands at different wooded areas and they start to call the females – a sometimes deafening chirp. Read more:

  • Cicadas Stirring up on Staten Island

    WNYC News
    Cicadas are starting to emerge on Staten Island’s south shore. “I’m personally elated,” said Claire Aniela Arthurs, manager of education at the Staten Island Museum. “I’m wearing my cicada necklace, and my husband is picking me up to take me to go look at cicadas for our afternoon date…so I’m thrilled.” To read further, go to:

  • Q&A: What City Dwellers Need to Know About Cicadas

    The Wall Street Journal Metropolis Blog
    Slowly but surely, the great cicada invasion of 2013 is starting in parts of Staten Island – and this is only the beginning. In the coming weeks, the noisy bugs are expected to crawl up from the ground along the East Coast from Georgia to upstate New York. The blog entry can be found at

  • Cicadas to soon come alive on the east coast

    CBS This Morning
    As the weather warms, cicadas move from underground, making a lot of noise.

  • The Cicada-Obsessed Prepare to Scratch a 17-Year Itch

    Wired - The plague of cicadas is what made the wedding memorable. Maybe not for the bride and groom, but for at least one of the guests the horde of chirping orange-and-black insects that descended on the 1996 ceremony was a life-changer. Dan Mozgai, an Internet marketer, could barely process what he saw. “All of these creatures were crawling around and singing,” he says. “My response was what a lot of people did back in 1996: I made a website.”

  • Old Space to New Home - The Staten Island Museum Goes 'Green'

    Wall Street Journal - The Staten Island Museum Goes 'Green' in 19th-Century Building at Snug Harbor. The Staten Island Museum had long hoped for a new home to showcase its arts and sciences collection, a task made more difficult by its desire for an eco-friendly space rich in history. Naturalists eager to protect the Staten Island's bucolic past had founded the museum in 1881 and moving to a sleek high rise or demolishing an existing building wouldn't do.

  • After 17-year wait, cicadas will return to Staten Island in the spring

    SI Advance - One of nature's more mysterious cycles will reach its climax in late spring and early summer, as the 17-year cicadas sprout from the ground, sing their way to buggie love and plant the seeds for their next emergence, in 2030.

  • Bugging out on Staten Island: 'They're Baack! The Return of the 17-Year Cicadas'

    "It was the best of swarms ... it was the worst of swarms ... but it is always 17 year olds who need to find love ..."

  • They're Baaack! Staten Island Museum pays homage to the unyielding cicada

    Time Out NY - Magicicada Septendecim, also known as 17-year cicadas, are a bit like head colds: occasional but unavoidable nuisances whose presence must be endured (a high threshold for ickiness also helps).

  • Staten Island Museum receives 450G grant

    The Staten Island Museum has received a $450,000 grant from the Richmond County Savings Foundation.

  • Mastodon Exhibit To Come To Staten Island Museum

    Link to video coming soon.

  • True 'GRIT' on Staten Island: Photographer Michael Hanulak snaps Gotham in all its sexy,sleazy glory

    In his nearly 50-career as a photographer, Michael Hanulak (1937-2011) shot some bold-face names, people like the singer Etta James and the trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie. He liked jazz and spent time in clubs. But he was even more interested in the unnamed stars of the open-air circus that is New York: Gay marchers in pride parades, Village Halloween revelers, cross-dressers, junkies, AIDS demonstrators, colorful commuters, vagrants, the deranged and the misfortunate.

  • Staten Island Museum's 'Mastodon' project gets a hefty fiscal boost

    SI Advance - Funds to build “Tales of the Mastodon,” a permanent exhibit planned for the new home of the Staten Island Museum, are trickling in. The museum figures it’s a little better than halfway to a goal of $400,000, thanks to a $150,000 grant from the federal Institute for Museum and Library Services.

  • Staten Island Museum Will Be Keeping It Cool

    SI Advance - When the Staten Island Museum opens its new home 18 months from now at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, it will be the only landmarked building in the city equipped with geothermal heating and cooling, and one of very few 19th-century buildings to have green, state-of-the-art temperature control.

  • WPA murals back where they belong

    SI Advance - Swaddled and lying on their sides in the conservation studio of the Staten Island Museum, murals created for the Farm Colony at Sea View by the Works Progress Administration are one step closer to a permanent home back on Staten Island.

  • More preservation funding headed to Staten Island's historic spots

    SI Advance - Let's hear it for Staten Island's historic spots. The Alice Austen House Museum in Rosebank received $120,000 and the Staten Island Museum at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden in Livingston received $100,000 as part of the remaining cash in an online vote.

  • Extreme Makeover Bldg A, 2 Years and Counting

    SI Advance - Long awaited new home for the Staten Island Museum: 2 years away

  • Elizabeth Egbert Louis R Miller Business Leadership Award

    SI Advance - Elizabeth Egbert receives Louis R. Miller Business Leadership Award

  • Staten Island Museum receives $2500 grant

    SI Advance - TD Charitable Foundation donates to Staten Island Museum for the programs for financially disadvantaged students.

  • SI Museum will celebrate 130 years of growing

    SI Advance - SI Museum will celebrate 130 years of growing

  • SI Museum Breaks Ground

    NYCT Newsletter - SI Museum breaks ground on new home with great neighbors.

  • Super Saturday Fence Show

    SI Advance AWE - Spotlight on the Staten Island Museum Super Saturday Fence Show.

  • SI Chamber of Commerce - Groundbreaking

    SI Chamber of Commerce Newsletter - Congratulates Staten Island Museum on the groundbreaking for their new home in Snug Harbor.

  • SI Museum Breaks Ground on New Home

    The New York Times ArtsBeat - The Staten Island Museum on Wednesday broke ground on its new $25 million home in Building A, a landmark on the campus of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

  • Staten Island Museum to begin preparing its new home

    SI Advance - The Staten Island Museum will break ground March 23 on a $25 million renovation/construction project in its long-designated new home in the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden complex.

  • West Brighton artist Andrea Phillips earns her first one

    SI Advance - West Brighton artist Andrea Phillips earns her first one-woman show.

  • Black Lunch Table – an oral-history archiving project comes to the Staten Island Museum

    Since 2005, Black Lunch Table has been presented at major institutions including the Brooklyn Museum; Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Storm King Art Center, NY; and now the Staten Island Museum. Organized around literal and metaphorical lunch tables as sites where social connections are made, social hierarchies revealed, and power dynamics are played out, Black Lunch Table sessions provide both physical space and allotted time for interdisciplinary and intergenerational discussions, bringing together a diversity of community members and fostering candid conversation among people invested in issues they face.